Preparation and Aftercare

For the consultation:

* Show up to your appointment on time.
* Have your idea / design / references ready.
* Don’t be afraid to suggest changes but please be open to any changes the artist might suggest. Work with the artist.
* Be sure to inform your artist about any existing allergies and/or medical condition.


For the tattoo appointment:

* Show up to your appointment on time.
* Arrive well rested and relaxed.
* Make sure you had a good meal before the appointment, in order to keep your blood sugar levels up.
* Do not drink heavily the night before and on the appointment day. Alcohol and other chemicals / drugs can thin the blood and cause excess bleeding. This can cause the color to bleed out, leaving you with an imperfect tattoo.
* Wear appropriate clothing. There will be ink, so don’t wear your best suits. If possible, wear something loose and light so that it won’t rub on your new tattoo.
* Feel free to bring snacks and drinks, or ask for short breaks during the session.

* Avoid swimming, hot tubes, saunas, tanning and all forms of direct sunlight on the new tattoo for the first 4 weeks.
* Do not apply alcohol or sunscreen to fresh tattoo.
* Protection – Apply a thin layer of ointment to the tattoo 4 to 6 times daily for the first two weeks, unscented dry skin lotion can be applied afterwards.
+ Gently wipe off any excess ointment before each new application.
+ This should be repeated until the tattoo has completely finished peeling.
* Healing Process – The tattoo will start to flake somewhere between 3 and 6 days after having been applied. While using the lotion or washing the tattoo you will notice the same small pieces of colored dry skin coming off. This is normal.
+ DO NOT pick or scratch. Let the skin peel naturally.
* Even when the tattoo has completely healed, we recommend that you apply SPF 50+ sunscreen to the tattooed area in order to keep the art sharp for years to come.