It is a guarantee that the artist is available so that he / she can discuss the details with you in person, also to ensure that you won’t waste your time stopping by for a busy artist, or even a locked door.

All you need is just a basic idea, if you need assistance with customizing, designing, sizing, and positioning, we are more than happy to help. For more details, please refer to the preparation and aftercare instructions.

We are charging in an hourly rate, with a one-hour minimum charge.  However long the tattoo takes depends on the size, complexity of design and positioning. The only criteria is to get the tattoo as perfect as we can, charging hourly ensures the quality of work. We accept payment by cash, FPS and PayMe.

No. The artist hour charge is the only cost.

After the initial consultation, once you and the artist have decided on the details of your piece, time will be needed for the artist to work on the design. We can arrange the actual tattoo appointment right after the deposit payment, and the design would be confirmed via email / Whatsapp. The preparation time will take about 1 – 3 months, which depends on the complexity of the design as well as the artist’s waiting list.
It is to guarantee your preferred date and time for the tattoo appointment, and also to ensure the commitment – artist will spend a significant amount of time designing and preparing your piece, sometimes it might even take longer to prepare the design than to complete the tattoo application itself. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable, but credit to the last hour of tattooing.
No. You are not charged for any designing work or preparation needed. The only cost is the artist hour charge.
Unfortunately, no. The artist will tattoo his / her own design, as all work we do is custom designed and never repeated. Additionally the artwork is specially designed for its placement on your body, we cannot guarantee the quality of the tattoo if other artists applied it. Bear in mind that if the artwork wasn’t designed by the artist, how could you expect he / she to tattoo it?
Artist devotes hours researching, preparing and designing each piece, the preparation may takes even longer than applying the tattoo. The artist may also have a waiting list of clients that previously booked it; to be fair to all clients we have to work sequentially.
Piece or idea closely matches artists’ style gets first priority, and if your piece is completely freehand; we can simply book you in for the actual tattoo appointment after the consultation. Generally the simpler / clearer the design, the faster it would be able to get it done.
We specialize in a wide range of custom designs, from large to small, from contemporary to calligraphy. As each piece is custom designed you are not expected to come in with the final design, but a basic idea is needed. The artist will help you with different styles and possibilities. Practically you can get any image you like; your main challenge is to think of what will you be proud to carry for the rest of your life.
Yes, as long as you choose the right artist and studio, it is safe to get a tattoo. Be sure to check out the hygiene standard of the studio: is the studio clean? Are they using disposable / sterilized tools?
A tattoo is a puncture wound in your skin, filled with ink. It is made by piercing your skin with a needle, injecting ink into the area to create a design / pattern. The ink is actually injected into the dermis, which is that second layer of skin, so that the tattoo is practically permanent.
Yes, having needles pierce your skin hurts; but it’s not as bad as you imagine.  Rather than the pain of an injection, it’s more of a constant vibration. The pain will vary depending where you get tattooed, skin right above bones tends to be more painful than other areas.
There is just one general rule: arrive well rested and be sure to eat something beforehand. For more details, please refer to the preparation and aftercare instructions.

When you sit down with your artist for the tattoo you will have another chance to view the artwork for the piece. Check the design seriously to make sure everything is laid out as you want and, if applicable, words are spelled correctly. The tattoo area is first shaved (if needed) and will then be followed by the application of an antiseptic solution that cleans the area and creates a proper transfer surface for the stencil. The stencil is the line drawing of the design and will be applied to the tattoo area. Regarding freehand tattoos, which means that no stencil is applied; the artist should clean the tattoo area with antiseptic solution before he / she start drawing on you. After the stencil is air-dried, the artist will then start from the line work, followed by shading and colors. Feel free to ask for short breaks in order to get rest, so that you and the artist can work together to get the best result.


When the tattoo is done, the artist will wrap the area with a protective material, please keep it wrapped for not more than 4 hours. Once unwrapped, wash the tattooed area lightly and pat dry it. It is always the best to allow the tattoo to air-dry about 15 minutes, then followed by applying a thin layer of vitamin A and D ointment onto it. For more details, please refer to the preparation and aftercare instructions.

Most tattoos are done with the first phase of healing in 1 – 2 weeks. Scabbing, itching, and peeling are all totally normal parts of the process. However the tattoo will not be completely healed until a full skin cycle – our skin renews itself every 28 days, sloughing off old dead skin cells and replacing them with fresh new ones. Keeping a thin layer of moisturizer on the tattooed area for the first 4 weeks are highly recommended.

We offer free touch-ups as a way of guaranteeing our work. Having a time frame just makes it a little easier for keeping track as well as motivating you to come back sooner if the work needs touching up. Prior to being touched up, the tattoo must be completely healed.